Meadowbrook Baptist Church


McGee Road
102 North Park Complex

(Between Whitehall Rd and 28 By-Pass, Formerly "Palmetto Cheer and Tumble")

Morning Worship and Children's Sunday School

Adult and Youth Sunday School and Children's Church

Pastor: Bob Marcaurelle
Song Leader: Dwight Greene

Our Ministry Priority
"Ongoing Love"

Offering Physical and Spiritual Help To Those In Our Area Who Have Been Beaten Down Financially; Helping Them To Stand On Their Own Again and Live For The Lord and Others.

“Reaching a
-Cross Anderson


With Ongoing Love 

Our church was born in 2008 out of the discovery that there were 121 homeless children in School District 5 in Anderson. Long time Anderson Pastor Bob Marcaurelle came out of retirement to create a church that would assist families with children on both sides of Anderson who have worked all their lives and come upon hard times. It involves ministering to them physically and spiritually. Those we help will be those who are willing to learn about Christianity and give God a chance to change their lives. As part of our Christian calling we want to see them involved in a local church and we want to maintain an ongoing relationship with them as our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We also have decided to adopt and give major financial support to the wonderful Haven of Rest Women’s Ministries” which served as the pattern for the type ministry described above. Without new members we are limited in the number of families and agencies we can adopt.  We are praying that God will send us people whose vision of the church’s mission is like ours. Visit us or contact our Pastor by phone to learn more about us (864-224-0782).


From our Pastor

Ongoing Love in Action

In the beginning we contacted local ministries and school teachers and asked God to send us a family to help and build a relationship with. Our first family God gave us was a lady who pawned her wedding ring for money to take her dying husband to the VA Hospital in Charleston. We provided the funds for her trip and stay. We worked it out for a pastor in Charleston to meet them and most of all, we established a relationship that lasts to this day. The man, now in heaven, accepted Christ and died a member of our church. His wife now stands on her own and we are still on hand for emergencies. She is a member of our ladies Sunday School class. Nothing in my 52 years of ministry has brought me more joy than knowing them.

This is what Christianity is all about and what Ongoing Love is all about. Our dream is to grow as a church and be able help hundreds of families just like this. We believe God will send others to help us make this dream come true.     

-Bob Marcaurelle

"A Little Boy Named Rusty”

     Margaret Sangster used her wealth and influence to help people. Speaking at an elementary school she told the children about a boy named Rusty. She first saw him in a gym in a poor section of Miami, leaning on his crutches watching the other children play.

     She found out he needed a series of operations but his family was too poor to pay for them. She enlisted the help of some friends and over the next five years paid for all of the operations.

     She told the children the happiest day of her life was when, in that same gym, Rusty dribbled a ball up to her; and said, “Watch me, Mrs. Margaret”; and then ran and made a lay up at full speed.

     Mrs. Sangster asked the class, “Rusty is in his 20’s now; where do you think he is? What do you think he is doing?”

     They raised their hands, and made all kinds of guesses-- a teacher; a preacher; a basketball player; a fireman; etc. Mrs. Sangster said, “He is on death row in Florida because while on drugs he killed a family of three to steal their car.”  Then she said: “I helped him walk, but did not help him learn where and how to walk. I failed that little boy.” If we do not tell people of the love God has for them in Christ we have failed them no matter how much we do for them in other areas.